Aromatherapy Treatments

A number of aromatherapy treatment options are now available at Earthtones. Nicola has a Diploma in Aromatherapy and uses high quality, therapeutic grade oils in her treatments and blends.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

This lovely, relaxing massage has many benefits including improved blood circulation, stress relief and lymphatic drainage. This session lasts 30 minutes and costs £15. If you wish, you can add an aromatherapy hand massage to your session for an additional £5, or a Bespoke Blend Consultation for £12. Book your head, neck and shoulder massage here.

Hand and Arm Massage

This massage is very soothing and can ease any aches you may have in your hands. Simple, but effective. I use a beautifully cleansing blend of oils for hand massage but you can opt for your own choice of oil if you prefer . The massage lasts for 15 minutes and costs £8. Alternatively, you can add it to the Head, Shoulder and Face Massage, or Bespoke Consultation for just £5. Book your hand massage here.

Bespoke Blend Consultation

Bespoke blends can be created for you. Simply book a consultation with me, and we'll discuss your specific needs. I will then create a bespoke blend for you to take home, properly diluted and ready to use. Consultations cost £15 which includes your bespoke 10ml roller ball blend. Further blends can be purchased at £5 for 5ml or £10 for 10ml. Book your aromatherapy consultation here.

Aromatherapy Blends for home use

I have created a number of blends in roller ball bottles, diluted with carrier oils, to use at home. The range includes a pain blend, a fibro blend (which deals with pain and restless leg syndrome) and blends for each of the chakras. These are available to buy when you visit the Earthtones studio for a treatment or group (as Earthtones is not a retail location, you can't just pop in to buy one; sorry!).

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