Aromatherapy Treatments

A number of aromatherapy treatment options are now available at Earthtones. Mahala has a Diploma in Aromatherapy and uses high quality, therapeutic grade oils in her treatments and blends.

Aromatouch Technique Body Session

Aromatouch is a wonderful technique developed by doTERRA to apply essential oils to the body in a meaningful way. It allows connection on an emotional level, whilst the specific oils used promote stress management, immune support, healthy circulation and joints, along with balance in the body's systems. Aromatouch is not a massage as such; rather it is a feather-light touch technique which stimulates the meridians and energy zones. It is wonderfully relaxing to receive. 60 mins. £35 Book your Aromatouch session.

Personal Wellness Consultation

Book a personal consultation with me and we'll go through your specific health issues, identifying which oils will help you most. I'll teach you how to blend them and how to use them. Optionally, you can have a bespoke blend created for you to take home, properly diluted and ready to use, for just £5. Book your aromatherapy consultation here.

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