Awaken Your Inner Goddess – a Workshop

This is a beautiful two-hour workshop to help you cultivate your inner Goddess. It is suitable for men, as well as women, regardless of whether you’ve walked a Goddess path for some time or have never considered the Goddess before.

Awaken your inner goddess

We’ll look at five Goddesses in particular, from a variety of cultures – Artemis (Greek), Cerridwen (Celtic), Hecate (Greek), Isis (Egyptian) and Saraswati (Indian). We’ll learn their stories, their strengths and what they are thought to represent. We’ll then match essential oils which are associated with these strengths, and you’ll choose a blend to make and take home with you – choose the one which represents things you’d like to cultivate, or the one associated with your favourite of these Goddesses.

which is your inner goddess?

We’ll also make simple Goddess sculptures, which can be decorated however you wish. Some sample designs will be provided, but you’re free to let your imagination run wild!

We’ll finish with a guided Goddess meditation accompanied by Himalayan bowls.

This Inner Goddess workshop will be fun and informal, but with plenty to learn and take away with you. All materials are included in the ticket price and each attendee will also receive a little goody bag at the end of the workshop.

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