Reboot Your Base Chakra

Are you ready to make a commitment to your own health and wellbeing?
Feel more comfortable in your own body?
Live your life with vibrancy and presence?
Then it’s time to reboot your base chakra!

reboot your base chakra

Muladhara, the base or root chakra is our foundation, on which the rest of our system rests. Properly balanced, it can help us feel secure and connected, but when we neglect it we can experience feelings of anger, frustration, resentment and low self-esteem. Located at the base of the spine, it is the resting place of Kundalini, a form of divine female energy, often depicted as a coiled serpent.

In this base chakra workshop you will

• Reconnect with the forgotten wisdom of your body

• Learn powerful techniques for building communication with your body and the messages it offers you

• Learn tools for grounding your energy and becoming more present in the now

• Release blocked energy you are holding in your body

• Meet your power animal and learn to trust your own inner instincts

• Experience the power of mantra and movement to charge your base chakra

The day will begin with an opening meditation and then be split into four parts – Body Wisdom, Chanting, Grounding and Power Animal. Throughout the day there will be a variety of activities including dance, chanting, journeying, meditation, affirmations, artwork, grounding exercises and lots of tools and techniques for working with the root chakra, which you will be able to continue to use at home.

Bring a packed lunch. Drinks and fruit are provided.

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