Drum Making Workshop

I’ve been planning this for a little while, and it’s taken a lot of research to be able to bring this to you, but finally, all the pieces have fallen into place, and I can announce the first Drum Making Workshop at Earthtones!

Drum making is an experience you’ll never forget. You start building a relationship with that drum from the moment you give thanks for the materials you’ll be using and as you coax it into being, you become connected to the spirit of the animal. You marvel at how such a small piece of hide can possibly cover the frame. You are surprised at how long it takes to lace your drum. You wonder if anything smells as bad as wet rawhide! But finally, you have a drum whose skin has been stretched and moulded around its frame, whose lacing you have pulled until you think it must snap if you pull any more (before you pull and pull again), whose handle you have wrapped, and which has a great deal of your spirit mixed with that of the animal whose skin you have used.

If you’re wondering about the ethics of using animal hides to make drums, you can read my thoughts here.

Workshop Details

In our workshop, we will be using deer skin from the UK to make 12″ single sided deerskin frame drums. We’ll also make a felt and hide drum beater to go with your drum. All the materials you need will be provided, except for lunch.

We’ll be working in pairs to create the drums. Once you’ve laced your drum, you and your partner will work together to tighten the lacing (quite a long job). With that done, you can then turn your attention to creating the handle on your own drum. When we’ve all finished that, we’ll begin making the beaters.

drum making workshop at Earthtones

There will be water and herbal teas available throughout the workshop. Feel free to bring snacks for yourself if you would like to (no meat products please). I advise wearing some old clothes, or overalls.

There are eight places available for this workshop and it costs £115 per person. The next available date is 8 December 2018. Click here to book or check the events page for future dates.

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