Ear Candling at Earthtones

ear candlingEar Candling is often associated with the Hopi people, but in fact it was a technique used throughout the ancient world, in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. It was probably part of sacred rituals then and no doubt methods varied around the world too.

Ear Candling has become a very popular health technique in the modern Western world. Techniques used vary little, although different therapists have their own preferences for the candles they use.

So what is ear Candling for?

Our ears need a certain amount of wax in order to operate properly, but a build up can cause problems such as temporary hearing loss. Ear Candling helps remove excess wax and also helps drain the sinuses of build up.

Combined with ear and facial massage, the effects can be profound, especially if used regularly. It’s not uncommon for a first session to loosen and remove some build up. A second session two weeks later often removes much more.

Ear Candling at Earthtones

I am certified by the Holistic Healing College to perform ear candling safely. The HHC are themselves accredited by the Complementary Medicine Association, of which I am a full member.

I use BIOSUN candles in my treatments, which have been certified for use as a medical tool in the UK and contain a double filter. Due to the herbs used, they smell wonderful when burning, and contribute to a very relaxing session. After treating each ear, I then perform a lovely, relaxing facial massage using DoTerra essential oils. The massage, whilst relaxing, also contributes to the drainage of unwanted build up in the sinuses.

The treatment lasts between 40 minutes and an hour (this is dependent on how slowly the candles burn!), and costs £30. You can book your ear candling session here.

Important Notes

I cannot perform ear candling on anyone who has had a perforated ear drum in the last 3 months, or currently has an ear or sinus infection.

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