About Earthtones Sound Therapy

Nicola Kelsall owns and runs Earthtones Sound Therapy. She is a qualified Sound Therapist and her practice is in Arnold, Nottingham.

Nicola Kelsall, Earthtones Sound Therapy

Nicola trained with the British Academy of Sound Therapy and graduated in 2009.  She was the first person in the UK to earn the Certificate in Sound Therapy qualification and has since gained the Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy with BAST.

“Nicola is a natural healer.”

Lyz Cooper, BAST Principal

For her dissertation, Nicola used Sound Therapy to work on insomnia. Many of the clients who took part in this research began sleeping better, even after decades of insomnia.

What Can You Expect at Earthtones?

Earthtones is located in a converted school, The Old School Business Centre, in Arnold, Nottingham. It is within easy reach of J26 of the M1, the A60, and Nottingham City Centre. There is a free, private car park.

There are a range of treatments available as well as bespoke treatments designed just for you. For these, Nicola uses the BAST method of treatment, which combines self reflection with therapeutic sound techniques to improve health and well-being and chooses instruments based on your particular needs.

Sound Therapy creates altered states of consciousness in a similar way to deep relaxation or meditation. This is perfectly safe and helps the process to have the most effect. This is why treatments end with a percussion session which allows you to return to your normal state.

Instruments Used at Earthtones



Nicola uses Vedic mantras, which are written in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is “the Mother of all languages”. These mantras are considered to be “pre-religion”, addressing the universe’s energies. You may also hear a monochord accompanying the mantra, which is very relaxing to listen to. Oddly enough, modern monochords actually have many strings, all tuned to the same note. which produces complex harmonics, enhancing the treatment.


Himalayan Bowls

Himalayan Bowls

Often called “Tibetan Singing Bowls” due to their use in Bon, an ancient Tibetan religion, Himalayan bowls are actually produced in Nepal, India and Bhutan. Nicola’s bowls are hand made and fairly traded. They were made in Nepal from bell bronze and have the highly-prized harmonics of good bowls. Himalayan bowls produce a wonderfully warm, some say sacred, sound. A typical bowl treatment contains a mixture of playing techniques.


Chau Gong


Forget everything you’ve seen at the beginning of films – we do not whack gongs as hard as we can! Gongs are one of the most ancient musical instruments, and are capable of far more than loud, crashing noises.  In fact, you’ll experience everything from low, earthy rumbling to louder, fiery dragon roars, depending on your needs. Listen carefully, and you can hear thunder, whale song, heartbeats and more. Gong treatments are given with two large Chinese gongs, a 75cm diameter Feng (wind) gong and an 80cm diameter Chau (earth) gong.


Tuning Forks

The Tuning Forks Nicola uses are called Chakra Sound forks. Chakra Sound Healing Tuning Forks are tuned to the frequencies of the seven main chakras. They “re-tune” chakras which are out of balance, allowing the chakra to return to its optimum state. Nicola uses kinesiology techniques to formulate your treatment.



Nicola uses an 18″ deerskin frame drum for drum sessions. The drum is played in different ways for different treatments, which gives it enormous flexibility. It can be played over and around your body for a relaxing massage or played more energetically to treat a particularly painful area. Played differently again, it can be a useful tool in addressing anxiety, anger, dementia, depression and grief. Yet another technique will allow you to go on a shamanic journey to communicate with your spirit self.

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