I Am …. A Fun & Empowering Workshop for Mums and Daughters

I Am …. A fun and empowering workshop for Mums and Daughters.

An Empowering workshop for Mums and daughtersDuring the two-hour workshop, we’ll look at why it’s important to turn the negative thoughts about ourselves into positives (and do a fun trick which shows just what effect our thoughts have on our bodies); we’ll create “I Am” boards, celebrating all the great things about ourselves and then everyone will create an empowering essential oil rollerball blend (properly diluted for the user’s age, and with written instructions for use!).

Choose from:

* Singing the Blues – to relieve sadness and feelings of discouragement

* Anger Management – promotes peace and relaxation

* Fearless – supports confidence and security

* No Pressure – reduces tension, anxiety and nervousness

* Calm & Focused – for focus and staying on task

* Guilty Conscience – relief from unease associated with guilt

* Anxious Mess – relieves anxiety, restlessness and irritability; promotes relaxation and calm

* Grieve Less – for feelings associated with loss

* Hormonal Wreck – stabilises emotions, eases worry, tension, muscle aches, cramps

* Chillaxin – grounding, clears the mind, eliminates worry

The cost for this workshop is £18 per mother/daughter pair. Additional daughters can be added at £9 each.

Whilst this workshop was with tween/teen daughters in mind, it’s just as relevant to adults, so adult daughters are also welcome!

Check the events page for upcoming dates!

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