Mala Making Workshop

I’m delighted to introduce this new mala making workshop.

Mala are used to count repetitions of mantra. They have 108 beads, plus a centre bead called the meru (or guru bead). Beads come in a variety of materials, although it is common to find them made of rosewood beads. Shell, bone, and semi-precious stones are also popular.

mala and mantra

In this workshop, you’ll make a mala of your own, choosing from a wide range of beads. You’ll discover the importance of each part of the mala as well as the different ways of holding it correctly. Once the construction is complete, you’ll receive a “first aid kit” of mantras, which we’ll practice together. This will give you a great foundation in mantra for personal use.

The workshop will last for three hours, and refreshments will be provided. You’ll leave with your completed mala, a “first aid booklet” of mantras and access to sound files to help you remember what you’ve learned when you get home.

Places are limited and cost £25 each. To book, choose the beads you’d like to use (some bead choices incur a small surcharge, but most are completely covered by the workshop fee) and then complete the booking form.

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