Ostara (Spring Equinox) at Earthtones

Last week we were inundated with snow, but Ostara is fast approaching. As if to remind me of that, the sun has come out today and it’s time to think about celebrating the occasion. Also known as Spring Equinox, it is the festival of Ēostre, the Germanic Goddess whose job it was to bring Spring to the world.

Spring Equinox is a time of balance, one of two days each year when day and night are the same length. At this time a shift takes place from the energy of Winter to the airiness of Spring.

Already in many shops, we see the symbols of this festival all around us, as Easter goods go on sale. We see rabbits and eggs and chicks, mostly made of chocolate. Of course, although they have become associated with Easter, these things are really the fertility symbols of Ostara.

Ostara is a time for balance in our lives too and in today’s busy lives it can be a hard thing to achieve. Now is the time to set your intentions of creating more balance in your life.

Ostara Celebration at Earthtones

Join me at Earthtones to celebrate this festival. Take part in a guided meditation to explore the themes of this festival. Following this, there will be themed activities to celebrate the coming of Spring and the balance of dark and light. We’ll make wild flower seed bombs and Ostara incense to take home. Finally there will be a candle ritual to bring balance to our lives.

Tickets for this celebration are £25 each, which includes all materials. Places are limited, so don’t delay. Book your Ostara ticket today.

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