Essential Oils and Autism: A New Class

I’m delighted to be offering this essential oils class and sharing with you how oils can help support people with autism. We’ll be looking particularly at children with autism, but the information is applicable to adults too, of course. We’ll also look at how essential oils can support the carers.

autismThere are so many aspects to autism, and we’ll be covering many of them in the class, including

  • serotonin levels
  • stress reactions
  • focus
  • immune function
  • anxiety
  • impatience
  • ADHD
  • sensory processing
  • digestive issues
  • inflammation

If there are other aspects you’d like to cover in addition to these, please let me know and I’ll happily add them to our materials.

Now, clearly essential oils are not going to make autism magically disappear, but they can be a useful aid to manage symptoms, and to help everyone else in the family too. Essential oils are powerful tools for supporting physical, emotional and mental health.

This class is 90 minutes along. You’ll briefly learn how essential oils work, and then look in detail at which oils can help with particular aspects of autism. You’ll make a blend to take home (your choice, depending on the needs in your family) and you’ll get information about how to buy pure essential oils through me, although there is no obligation to buy anything. Anyone who comes to the class can also book a free 1 hour private consultation with me to learn how essential oils can help with any specific health challenges experienced by you or your family.

The class costs £10, including all materials and you can find dates and book your place here.

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