Fibromyalgia First Aid Workshop

As you may know, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia some 25 years ago, when I was 19. I lived with it as best I could, sometimes feeling fine, often struggling massively until eventually I had to leave my teaching career – the stress combined with the fibro made continuing impossible. Things didn’t improve much until about 18 months ago. Since then I’ve conquered some of the most pervasive symptoms through using sound therapy.

I’ve offered sound therapy treatments for fibromyalgia for almost a year now. It’s been a great success with huge reductions in pain reported- and some not having any pain at all now. This is fantastic to know. Pain is so hard to cope with, since pain medicines often don’t work or make us feel like zombies.

One thing that I’ve learned through feedback is that a monthly session seems to be enough to keep the pain at bay, but if a month has to be missed, the pain returns. I’ve also heard from many who cannot get to my monthly sessions, and so I’ve been working on a workshop that can help here.

fibromyalgia workshop

This workshop helps with the same symptoms as my treatments, in a way that you can do at home, daily if necessary. I’ve used my experience with holistic treatments that have worked for me, and for others I’ve spoken to. The workshop will teach you what you need to know and give you the tools to do it. You’ll leave with everything you need to start applying what you’ve learned, as soon as you get home.

What does the workshop involve?

The workshop lasts for 3 hours and will cover:


You’ll learn about mantra and how it can help; be taught several mantras to target specific symptoms; leave with a booklet of the mantras covered, audio files of those mantras and a mala to use at home.


You’ll be introduced to the power of essential oils, and be given advice about which oils can be used to tackle specific symptoms, You’ll make a blend of oils to take home which will target pain and restless legs, in a roller ball bottle for easy application.


Learn how guided meditation can help you relax and how to use it to help get relief from fibromyalgia symptoms. Leave with a Guided Meditation MP3 which you can listen to at home.

Other tools

Learn breathing exercises and other techniques to help with sleep and to combat the fogginess experienced with fibromyalgia.

All of this costs £40 with the cost of all the materials you’ll take home – a mantra booklet, mala, Pain Relief roller ball and USB stick containing meditation and mantra audio files – included.

Check the Events page for the next date for this workshop. If you have any questions about the workshop, please do contact me.

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