Gong Baths

Gong baths are a fantastic experience which allow you to enter a state of deep relaxation as you go on a journey of healing sound.

The sound waves created by the instruments used in gong baths allow your conscious mind to switch off and let your subconscious mind take over. This is where real healing, relaxation and soul work can take place. Different energies are created by the inclusion of various instruments and by changing how they are played. It’s therefore possible to have gong baths which are relaxing or energising or which allow participants to search deep within themselves for answers.

Mats, blankets and eye masks are provided. Please feel free to bring anything else you would like for your comfort.

Weekly Relaxing Gong Baths

Each Sunday evening, I hold relaxing sound baths. These include gongs, mantra, percussion and Himalayan singing bowls. Although they follow a similar format to my "energising" sound baths, the instruments are played in a different order, and with less energy, giving them a soothing, relaxing feel. Perfect to round off your weekend!

7pm; £12 per person Click here to book

Fibromyalgia Gong Baths

Specially formulated to be therapeutic for those with Fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses. These monthly sessions focus on better sleep and pain relief, although other symptoms may also benefit from them. These groups are small, and comfortable chairs are available for those with limited mobility.

First Sunday of the month, 11am; £12. Book your place here.

Private Gong Baths

If you like to experience a sound bath, but prefer not to join one of my scheduled sessions, or would like to share the experience with a group of friends, you can book a sound bath for yourself or your group. Choose between Energising and Relaxing sound baths.

£35 for up to 3 people. Additional people at £12 each (max 8 people). Book here

Full Moon Gong Baths

Each Full Moon, I hold a special gong bath for a small group of people. We begin our ceremony sitting in circle, where we share Sacred Cacao, traditional plant medicine which opens the heart chakra and allows us to journey deeper. Full Moon is a time for releasing that which no longer serves us, and so we take time to write down those emotions and energies we wish to release. These notes are ceremoniously burned at the end of the evening, just after experiencing a relaxing gong bath during which you may find you journey deeply. You may also find you become aware of which energies you need to invite into your life to replace those you have released.

See events listings for dates. £18 each. Book your place here.

Mobile Gong Baths

Are you looking for something a little different for the event you're planning? Perhaps you're looking for something for a pampering hen night or weekend? A team building session, or a reward for your employees? Is your club or group looking for a topic or activity for its schedule? You can hire Earthtones to bring the sound bath to you. I'll come to your venue and perform a 45 minute sound bath. (Actual time at your venue will be around 2 hours, to include setting up and packing away the equipment).

Sessions are £150 (plus mileage where applicable), with discounts available for extra sessions on the same day at the same venue. Over 18s only. Contact me to discuss your plans.