In Ceremony – Trance Dance and Gong Bath Journey

Okan & Earthtones unite in ceremony, bringing together Soul Intentions with Sacred Cacao, Trance Dance and Gong Bath meditation.

trance dance


Trance Dance is a unique blend of body movement, breath work and percussive tribal rhythms created to take you into a trance like state. Journey into your inner world and connect to your soul’s guidance.

Continue to journey inward during the gong bath with Himalayan bowls for a spiritual, calming meditation and gongs for deep relaxation and grounding. Access deep inner wisdom and gain new insight.

We truly believe in the healing power of movement and sound and are delighted to come together and create a beautiful sacred space for you to dive deeper into your spiritual self.

What to expect:

  • Opening ceremony with sacred cacao medicine
  • Grounding exercises and movement warm up
  • Guided Trance dance with blindfolds provided
  • Gong bath meditation
  • Closing ceremony with ritual release and setting your soul’s intention.

Please wear something comfortable to move in and bring a bottle of water.

Next date: 30 August, 6.30pm at the YMCA International Community Centre, Mansfield Road, Nottingham

Book Your Tickets: £20

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