Magic Potion Workshop – Essential Oils for Children’s Health

When I started using essential oils in earnest to support my health, I had amazing results, and continue to do so. So it seemed like a natural progression to use the oils to support my children’s health too. It’s easy these days to pick up a bottle of medicine or a jar of ointment to help out poorly children, but the vast majority of these contains chemicals and toxins which we’d perhaps rather not expose their systems to.

children's health

With that in mind, let me introduce you to essential oils for children’s health. Natural, safe ways to support them through the coughs and the colds, the bumps and bruises, and a host of other things our little (and not so little) ones are exposed to.

My children love being able to make blends for what ails them, and the younger two refer to them as their “magic potions”. Involving them in this way teaches them about health and empowers them too.

So why not bring them along to a Magic Potion Workshop. Whilst we adults (and older children, if they’d like) discuss how and why these oils work and how you can use them to support health, the children can have fun with colouring sheets and word searches. And then you can help them choose which magic potion to make to take home. Their potions will be labelled, and properly diluted for their age.

They can choose from:

  • Happy Head Potion – for headaches and pain
  • Breathe Brew – for the cold and sniffles season
  • Dream Draught – for a restful night’s sleep
  • Tummy Tonic – for tummy bugs, anxiety, constipation, diarrhoea, reflux
  • Brain Power – for focus, mental alertness, and energy
  • Happiness Elixir – to lift the spirits of the even the glummest witch or wizard
  • Defence Magic – immunity booster and great for warding off the sniffles
  • Seasonal Spell – antihistamine effect, and helps focus too.

This workshop costs £10 including all materials. Extra potions can be made (if you want more than one, or have more than one child) for £5 each, which can be paid on the day.

You’ll also receive information on the most cost effective way of buying top quality oils for your family in the future.  See upcoming dates or book your place.

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