One-to-one treatments is where

sound therapy excels.

Clients come to me for one-to-one treatment because, for a variety of reasons, they feel overwhelmed. That overwhelm might be caused by chronic illness, lack of sleep, pain, anxiety, lack of focus, or something else.

But what can sound do for any of these things? Well, a lot! Sound therapy leaves my clients feeling more relaxed, focused and energised, mentally clearer, emotionally stronger, and in less pain. And this can be just at the end of the first treatment!

Over the course of several treatments, we can make real shifts in your energy patterns which helps you change things in your life which are causing overwhelm.


I’ve been there!

I’ve been there – it can be easy to see that things need to change and so much more difficult to actually make those changes. It takes a great deal of emotional energy, strength and courage to overcome even small obstacles and when you’re already overwhelmed, it can feel impossible. Sound therapy makes it possible, quite simply.

All well and good, but what about physical pain and chronic illness? I’ve been there too. No amount of emotional strength and courage will make a lifelong illness magically disappear, of course. But sound therapy can help – sound waves are physical energy and they can be used to sooth physical pain, and increase energy levels. Just these two things can make a huge difference to other areas of chronic illness. Add to this the improved sleep that many clients experience after sound therapy and you can see how things really start to improve.

You can read about my story in more detail, but the short version is that I’ve had fibromyalgia since I was 19, it caused me to give up my teaching career, and by the time my eldest child was 9, they were caring for me and their younger siblings. I was taking 30 prescribed tablets a day to deal with the symptoms of fibro and the several other chronic illnesses I have, and I was losing the battle – emotionally and physically. Something had to change.

And then I started using sound therapy to help me in earnest. Within six weeks I had made massive improvements in pain levels, energy levels, emotional state and more. I now only take four tablets a day, and I’m working on being able to get rid of those! I don’t need any painkillers, I have more energy than I’ve ever had, my sleep is better, my now 13 year old is no longer my carer … life truly feels blessed. And it’s this transformation which makes me passionate about helping others get their own lives back on track.


Treatment Package

When working on-to-one, I tailor my treatments to the exact needs of my client. Rather than a formulaic treatment, you receive treatments designed especially for you – from the choice of instruments used, to how they are played.

Your package includes:

  • An initial 2 hour appointment, where we discuss your needs and design your first treatment. It includes visualisation and 45 minutes of sound therapy (value: £80);

  • 3 further appointments of an hour each, over the next 4 weeks. They each include 45 minutes of sound therapy (value: £120);

  • a hardback notebook of handmade paper to record your progress on your healing journey (value £5);

  • exercises and activities to do between sessions to enable you to keep making progress;

  • a handmade mala (and info on how to use it!) (value £5);

  • two months’ access to my members-only group “Spirituality Seekers”, where you’ll find lots of healing and spiritual resources including mantras, meditations and breathing exercises (value: £10).

The cost of this package is £175, saving you £45. You can book this package here – choose the date and time you’d like for your initial two hour consultation.

Would you like to discuss if Sound Therapy is right for you?