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Earthtones Sound Therapy Privacy Statement

  1. Earthtones Sound Therapy is a Sole Trader business operated by Nicola Kelsall from the Old School Business Centre, Church Drive, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 6LD.
  2. You can contact Nicola for all matters relating to the business either by mail to the above address; by telephone on 07595 628 379; or by email to
  3. Earthtones Sound Therapy will collect certain information about you during the course of its business. This information will be used for the following reasons:
    1. Your contact information may be used to send you marketing material as part of Earthtones’ legitimate interest in promoting its business. You may request that this ceases at any time; you can also ask that your information not be used in this way from the beginning. This information will be shared with our email marketing partners at who actually send out the emails which Earthtones create.
    2. Your contact information will also be used to affect any bookings you may make online for sound therapy sessions; this information will be shared with Earthtones’ booking partner, Calendly (, to enable you to amend and/or delete your booking online. This information is kept to enable Earthtones to meet its contractual obligations to you.
    3. Your email address may be used to send you an invoice via PayPal ( and may be used to accept payments from you or to issue refunds where needed. This information is kept to allow Earthtones to meet its contractual obligations to you.
    4. All information gathered from you during a sound therapy session will be stored in a secure paper-based filing system and used only in connection with the sound therapy work of Earthtones. It will never be shared with anyone else under any circumstances. This information is processed to enable Earthtones to meet its legal obligations.
  4. Earthtones will keep different information for different periods of time, as follows:
    1. Information Earthtones keeps for marketing purposes will be kept until you ask for it to be removed. If you ask, it will be removed immediately the request is received.
    2. Booking information will be kept a maximum of one month after your booking has passed. This is because Earthtones has a monthly task to remove old bookings from the system.
    3. Financial information is required by Law to be kept for seven years. This will include your contact information as invoiced.
    4. Information gathered regarding sound therapy sessions will be kept as part of our legal obligations for a period not exceeding seven years from the date of your final session.
  5. All of Earthtones’ external partners have committed to operating in accordance with the new Data Protection Laws.
  6. Your rights: Under the new Laws, you have certain rights, detailed below. You may use the contact details at Item 2 to request any of these rights in your own words.
    1. The right to have your contact information removed. You can request to remove only marketing information, only booking information, or both. If you request us to delete all of your contact information completely, then any bookings you have in the system will be cancelled as a result. No information relating to sound therapy sessions will be deleted as Earthtones is legally obliged to retain it.
    2. You have the right to be sent a copy of all the information Earthtones holds about you within 30 days. Earthtones will honour this request as quickly as possible; if it can’t be managed within 30 days Earthtones will let you know. There will not be any charge for this.
    3. You have the right to have your information corrected; if any information Earthtones holds about you is wrong then Earthtones will amend it to be accurate. Bear in mind that therapy session notes which are responses you gave to questions at the time are taken faithfully, but some notes are subjective commentary by the therapist and “corrections” to these will not be entertained.
    4. From the outset, you have the right to object to the storing and processing of your information; however if you do object then no therapy can proceed; once you have attended a therapy session it will not be possible to remove the written notes about the session due to legal obligations.
    5. You have the right to complain about the holding of your information. If Earthtones cannot resolve your complaint, or you feel that the response is inadequate, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office at or to take your complaint to the Courts. If you choose this latter approach Earthtones would advise you to seek qualified legal advice.
  7. Earthtones will treat your information and your confidence with the utmost respect and will keep you informed at every stage of the relationship with you. If you have any concerns at all, please use the contact information listed above to get in touch and ask.

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