Learn Mantra – a new workshop series

Have you ever wanted to learn mantra?

Learn mantraMantra is traditionally chanted or sung in Sanskrit and each mantra has its own purpose. Some mantra are devotional, used in worship, but others are used for healing purposes.

I’ve been a qualified mantra therapist for almost ten years and I love the power of mantra. I use it daily in my own life and widely in my therapy practice. If you’ve been to any of my gong baths, you’ve heard me using it in a general sense, but it’s possible to get really specific too.

People often tell me they’d like to learn mantra. I already host a “Mantra for First Aid” workshop several times a year in which you learn a toolkit of mantras, but now I want to help you get really specific too. And so I’m launching my new “Learn Mantra” workshop series – six workshops which teach mantra for specific purposes. You can choose to attend all six workshops, or pick the ones that appeal to you most. There are two dates available for each workshop, so you can even choose which times suits you best.

Please follow this link to book all six session at a discounted rate.

Workshop 1: An introduction to Mantra

Learn about the origins of mantra and how to use a mala, as well as some breathing exercises which help you in your mantra practice. You’ll also learn a selection of  mantra for general use.

Sunday 11 November, 1-3pm or Thursday 22 November, 7-9pm   Book here

Workshop 2: Chakra Mantras

You’ll the basics of the chakra system along with chakra seed sounds, chakra massage mantra, how to perform the Thousand Petal Activation mantra as well as a selection of longer mantras for the chakras.

Sunday 9 December, 1-3pm or Thursday 20 December, 7-9pm   Book here

Workshop 3: Learn Mantra for Physical Health

Here we start to really get into the therapeutic uses of mantra. You’ll learn a selection of mantras which really help with physical health, as well as the background to these mantras.

Sunday 13 January, 1-3pm or Thursday 24 January, 7-9pm   Book here

Workshop 4: Learn Mantra for Mental and Emotional Health

This is one of the areas where I think mantra therapy can be most powerful. This workshop looks at how we can work with mantra for depression and anxiety, as well as teaching mantras for ridding ourselves of fear and anger and for emotional protection.

Sunday 10 February, 1-3pm or Thursday 21 February, 7-9pm   Book here

Workshop 5: Learn Mantra for Spiritual Health

It’s not necessary to be Hindu to benefit from the huge spiritual aspects of mantra. The mantras taught in this workshop focus on various aspects of spirituality including working on karmic baggage and making spiritual advancements. We’ll build on this in workshop 6.

Sunday 10 March, 1-3pm or Thursday 28 March, 7-9pm   Book here

Workshop 6: Mantra for Peace and Enlightenment

Building on the previous workshop, here you’ll learn mantras to help you make spiritual progress, spiritual purification, spiritual enlightenment (variously called moksha, nirvana and kundalini awakening). These mantras do not bring instant results, but are incredibly powerful and wonderful to experience.

Sunday 14 April, 1-3pm or Thursday 25 April, 7-9pm   Book here

For each workshop, you will require a mala. These are widely available online, but there is also a selection available to buy at the studio, starting at £3. Meditation stools are provided (but you can sit on the floor or a chair if this isn’t comfortable for you).

Workshops are £15 each and last 2 hours. You can pick the one(s) you like the most, or attend all six. The price is discounted if you book all six at the same time.



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