New Year Gong Bath with Sacred Cacao & Intention Setting

Are you wondering how to see in the New Year? Well, here’s a New Year Celebration with a difference! Join me at Earthtones for a New Year Gong Bath to take us out of 2018 and into 2019 in a beautiful, mindful way.

New Year Gong Bath

We’ll start at 10pm with Sacred Cacao, opening our hearts to what’s to come. Next, we’ll take the things we want to leave in 2018 and release them with a simple candle ritual.

At around 11pm, we’ll settle in for a 2 hour gong bath. Sleep, meditate, chant, play instruments or simply chill out as we move from one year to the next through sound. This is more than just gongs … there will also be Himalayan bowls, drums, mantra, percussion, ocarinas, chimes and more. The sound will move from periods of intensity into more mellow phases, and back again as w go on a journey of healing sound from one year to the next.

At 1am, we’ll turn our thoughts to our intentions for the coming year, writing down and planting them with basil seeds (for good wishes).

Finally, we’ll indulge in luxurious vegan hot chocolate and yummy vegan, gluten-free chocolate brownie cookies!

And, unlike many New Year’s events, this one doesn’t come at a premium price … tickets are just £25 each!

So join me for a new year with a difference – no alcohol, no crowds, no Auld Lang Syne, but instead a meaningful session of sound, meditation, and intention setting.

Places are limited, so book yours now!


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