Weekly Special: Chakra Balance

I’m delighted to announce a series of weekly specials, which allow you to book a selected treatment at a reduced price for one week only. First up is the Chakra Balance.

The Chakras are energy centres in the body which have been used as a healing system for thousands of years. According to the Vedas, the Chakras are coloured, spinning wheels which correspond to sounds, body parts, deities and more. They transfer prana (cosmic energy) through the body. There are many, many Chakras mentioned in the Vedas, but most modern systems of Chakra healing use seven of them.

the chakras

Muladhara is the root chakra, our foundation. It is associated with our physical survival. Imbalance here can manifest as anger, resentment, frustration, low-self esteem and the need for grounding. When Muladhara is correctly aligned, we feel secure and connected.

Svadhistara is the sacral chakra and it governs emotions and sexuality. It is also connected to creativity. When Svadhistana is properly aligned, we feel emotionally stable, sexually fulfilled and can accept change without resistance. However, an unbalanced sacral chakra can lead to feelings of trauma, dependency and issues with trust and boundaries

Manipura is the solar plexus chakra and governs our “fight or flight” response. It is the centre for wisdom, self-evaluation and deep joy. A balanced Manipura means we feel protected, spontaneous and energetic but imbalance can cause irrational fears and anxiety.

Anãhata is the heart Chakra and is connected to love and identity. It is connected to our social identity, self-acceptance, love and relationships. When correctly aligned Anãhata allows us to love deeply and unconditionally, to feel compassion, peace, unity and to be deeply centred, whilst imbalance creates jealousy, envy and self-hatred.

Vishuddha is the throat chakra and is linked to all forms of communication, including creative identity, self-expression and taking responsibility for one’s own personal needs. A balanced Vishuddha allows effective communication, creativity and expression, whilst imbalance leads to isolation, aloofness and compulsive lying.

Ajna is the brow Chakra and is related to identity, intuition, wisdom, visualisation and clairvoyance. Consequently, a feeling of lack of intuition, or lack of trust in it can occur if Ajna is out of alignment. In balance, Ajna allows us to see both physically and intuitively and opens our psychic connection.

Sahasrara, the crown Chakra, connected to thought, universal identity and spirituality. In balance, Sahasrara provides knowledge, understanding and a spiritual connection. An imbalance in Sahasrara creates separation of the self and anxiety.

What Happens in a Chakra Balance Treatment?

Chakra Balance Weekly Special

A Chakra Balance treatment is performed with tuning forks. There are eight forks in the set – one tuned to each chakra and an eighth tuned to C, the frequency of the Earth. I can your body with the Earth fork, which tells me which areas in particular need to be worked on. I then work on each chakra in turn, with its corresponding fork, using the frequency of the fork to bring the chakra back into alignment. When all seven chakras are done, I scan again to make sure your chakras are balanced. This gentle, relaxing session is finished by a short grounding session, using rain sticks, a variety of maracas and shakers.

A Chakra Balance treatments last 30 minutes and usually costs £15. For the Weekly Special, it is just £10! You can book a Chakra Balance treatment at any time through the booking system, but if you would like to take advantage of the special price, you need to book using the  Weekly Special link. I hope to see you soon!

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