Weekly Special: Spiritual Development

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for a new weekly special. This week’s special is a mantra session for your spiritual development.

The Gayatri mantra is a well-known mantra which has both a short and a long form. It is believed that those who regularly practice (or receive) it will benefit from spiritual development, wisdom and knowledge. It is said that they also come to understand the unity of the universe; that there is one universal energy force, although we may call it by different names and experience it in different forms. Simply hearing the Gayatri mantra is purifying and opens up your heart centre, expanding your horizon. In this state, you will become open to new opportunities.

Whilst the shorter version is more often used around the world, the longer version is more profound. The longer version gives more opportunity for spiritual development, expansion and awareness.

Gayatri mantra for Spiritual Development

For these sessions, I chant a full mala of the long form Gayatri mantra which takes around 30 minutes. This is followed by a therapeutic percussion section, which lasts around 5 minutes. You can choose whether to take a passive or active role in the session. In a passive role, you’ll lie on the treatment couch and listen the chanting, letting the sounds wash over you. It’s very relaxing. Alternatively, you can choose to chant along with me, for extra spiritual benefits. In this case you may find you feel the energy moving within you. It can be a very spiritual and moving experience.

Book your session as the weekly special for just £10. If you can’t make these dates but would like to experience this, you can book a Spiritual Development session at any other time for just £15.

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