Zoos, Fibromyalgia and Sound

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 23 years ago. Yesterday, I spent the day at Chester Zoo with my children and around two hundred other home educating parents and children. We all had a brilliant time and learnt lots too.

You may wonder what that has to do with sound therapy or indeed fibromyalgia, so I’d like to explain.

This time last year I couldn’t walk, not in any meaningful sense of the word. I could get around the house, in pain but outside of the house I used a mobility scooter pretty much full-time. It wasn’t just that walking was painful and totally exhausting. Standing caused unbelievable pain.

My mobility scooter enabled me to live really. I took my children to Disneyland Paris. I couldn’t have done it without the scooter (and without the help of friends who we went with). Even going to breakfast each morning required Sally (as my children named her!).

When I went shopping, I needed Sally to get from the disabled parking space to the supermarket.

So, back to yesterday. Chester Zoo is huge, 125 acres huge. Whilst we ran out of time to see everything there, we covered a lot. Sally did not come with us. We spent much of the day with the same friends with whom we went to Paris and who were a godsend once again. But let me repeat, Sally scooter did not come with us. I walked the entire day.

Now clearly, I took the opportunity to rest as much as possible, but with 5 children in our little group, 4 of whom were 7 and under, there was not much rest to be had!

Fibromyalgia didn't stop me seeing the tigers

By the time we reached the tigers, at the furthest reaches of the zoo, I was hurting but I made it. Back at the entrance when it was time to leave, we bumped in to more friends who marveled at how well I was looking, despite the full day of walking. We spent 6 hours at the zoo and I drove for a little over 5 hours in total to get us there and back home.

I did all of this without painkillers. A year ago this would not have been possible.

Today, my muscles ache, as much from the workout they got yesterday as from the effects of fibromyalgia. But I’m here, writing this whilst my son is in his tennis lesson, functioning still, even after a punishing day.

Without my use of sound, none of this would have happened. My health has improved so much since I began using sound regularly. Of course I still have bad fibromyalgia days, but now they are not the norm. I’m sleeping better and although I still have the awful and weird fibromyalgia dreams, I have them much less often that at any time in the last 24 years.

Of course, sound is not a cure for fibromyalgia and I still take medication for various symptoms but I no longer take painkillers. I haven’t had to use my scooter in 6 months, although I’m not ready to part with it yet!

If you can get to a sound bath I urge you to do so, to see if it can make a difference for you too. If you’re within reaching distance of Nottingham, perhaps you might like to come along to my sound baths for fibromyalgia; they’re specially formulated to address pain, sleep issues and fibro fog and I’m really excited about making a difference to other people with this horrible illness.

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