Spirituality Seekers


Welcome to Spirituality Seekers, a “club” of people looking  for connection, spiritual growth and the tools to achieve them.

Spirituality Seekers consists of a “vault” of resources for spirituality and spiritual development, which is packed full of activities, exercises, meditations and more; and a private Facebook group to seek and share support, help and wisdom with other Spirituality Seekers.

Membership of Spirituality Seekers is just £5 a month. Join us here.

So, what can you expect to find inside the vault?

  • A large selection of recorded guided meditations, covering a wide variety of topics from chakra cleansing to shapeshifting. Connect with the elements, with Goddesses, with different aspects of your subconscious. Explore your spirituality with these meditations.
  • Breathing exercises to help you breath more deeply, or to connect with the breath or to give you specific types of energy. Each exercise has a video demonstration.
  • A huge selection of Sanskrit mantras, with details of what they mean, when to use them in a therapeutic sense, pronunciation guides, and audio demonstrations of them.
  • Other exercises to help with anxiety, sleep, holding patterns, negativity and more.

Explore each section to find all the hidden gems!

Spirituality Vault - Guided Meditations Spirituality Vault - Mantras Breathing Exercises Written Exercisesother resources

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