Spirituality Vault

This “vault” of resources for spirituality and spiritual development is packed full of activities, exercises, meditations and more.

My one-to-one clients are given free access to these resources, some of which will be suggested as tasks to be done between sessions.

However, the vault also contains lots of great information that’s useful for anyone, at any time. If you’re not a one-to-one client of mine, you can still access these resources by becoming a subscriber, for a small monthly fee. Click here to find out more about subscribing.

So, what can you expect to find inside the vault?

  • A large selection of recorded guided meditations, covering a wide variety of topics from chakra cleansing to shapeshifting. Connect with the elements, with Goddesses, with different aspects of your subconscious. Explore your spirituality with these meditations.
  • Breathing exercises to help you breath more deeply, or to connect with the breath or to give you specific types of energy. Each exercise has a video demonstration.
  • A huge selection of Sanskrit mantras, with details of what they mean, when to use them in a therapeutic sense, pronunciation guides, and audio demonstrations of them.
  • Other exercises to help with anxiety, sleep, holding patterns, negativity and more.

Explore each section to find all the hidden gems!

Spirituality Vault - Guided Meditations

Spirituality Vault - Mantras Breathing Exercises Written Exercises Simple Exercises

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