In this section, you’ll find audio files and information teaching you how to chant specific mantras yourself. Further down the page, you’ll find audio files of 108 repetitions of mantras for you to listen to if you’d prefer not to chant them yourself.

How to use a mala

How to use a mala


Ganesha Mantra for removing obstacles

Dhanvantre, the Celestial Physician

Dhanvantre, the Celestial Physician to open you to healing


Arkaya – the Healing Power of the Sun

so hum

I Am That – for Self-Realisation

Lord Rama

Long Rama – Powerful Mantra for healing


Mahna – Mantra to remove anger between two people.


Krodha – Mantra to remove anger (general feelings of anger, or anger at a situation, not anger between people)

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