Mandy Driscoll (Nottingham)

I found the Gong Bath to be a deeply relaxing experience. Mahala made sure we were all comfortable on our mats and warm before the Gong Bath started. For the hour that followed, Mahala fed us the most wonderful sounds using her voice and orchestra of gongs, singing bowls and percussion. It was so relaxing I wanted to nod off! I felt my breathing slow down and become less constricted and I've slept peacefully for the last 2 nights. It was a perfect end to a busy week and weekend. I'll definitely be re-booking and have no hesitation recommending Mahala and her Gong Bath. 🧡

Louise Wilson (Nottingham)

Very unusual experience. Being able to have some personal time with the sound of the gongs and other instruments and concentrating on myself in almost a dreamlike atmosphere was very therapeutic. thank you Nicola

Jane Hill (Cumbria)

Its a real treat to come here, I went to an overnight Sound Bath and also had a 1-1 session and it is immensely relaxing. I will be returning for more.

Louise Isabel (Nottingham)

Gong bath... an alignment with body and universe! Awesome experience and I recommend for everyone! Aroma touch... immensely soothing to emotions and physical body... clearing the head with scent and care... recommend for time of the month! My mum and I are currently booked in for next month's Introduction to Essential Oils... gratitude and peace 💎♾🙏

Elzbieta Tabaszewska (Nottingham)

What a fabulous New Year Gong Bath. Thank you Nicola for fantastic performance, your effort, everything was great.

Jennifer Batterbee (Nottingham)

Wonderful experience. I am looking forward to more sound baths and trying some of the other classes on offer. Thank you. xx

Marguerite McMillin (Nottingham)

I had a Sunday evening relaxing gong bath. I felt very floaty and relaxed afterwards and that night I slept really well. During the session I could feel all the tension leave my jaw and an involuntary smile form on my lips. Highly recommended.

Jo Wass (Worksop)

I had my first Aromatouch treatment with Nicola Kelsall this evening. It was just beautiful and the oils smell amazing. They are of a completely different aroma to any essential oils I’ve used before. They’re much better quality. My session was energising and relaxing at the same time. The pain in my neck, shoulders, arms, back and feet completely disappeared. It was beautiful. Thank you so much xxx

Gillie Easton (Nottingham)

The gong baths I have attended were amazing. Friendly atmosphere, relaxing and welcoming. I will be booking again and again. Looking forward to oil making and learning some new things. I highly recommend Earthtones Sound Therapy.

Pete Birch (Nottingham)

Love the whole feeling of being washed over with sound and exploring different places while I’m there. Fantastic every time

Lyy White (Nottinghamshire)

It was our first visit today and we did an Aromatherapy Make and Take Workshop. We learnt all about the amazing health benefits of the oils, as well as how to use them for lots of health issues and concerns. Nicola was knowledgeable and a lovely teacher, we really enjoyed the session and took away several oil blends to try at home. We look forward to returning soon for treatments and trying a Gong Bath session. Thank you.

Jo Wass (Worksop)

A huge thank you to Nicola for our sound bath today! What an amazing time we all had and the energy was beautiful. Thank you so much 🙏 xxx

Joanne Maddison (Mansfield)

Really lovely sound therapy session tonight. A mixture of gongs, bowls, mantra and percussion. So beautiful and relaxing. Thank you Nicola and see you again soon xx

Nila Shah (Nottingham)

Thank you for a lovely sound bath this morning Nicola. Very soothing, gentle and relaxing. It was lovely to connect with you. xx

Sophie B (Nottingham)

Thank you for an epic full moon ceremony. Raw cocoa ritual followed by a guided meditation and out of this world gong bath. You have the most amazing voice for meditation, I cant wait to take you to bed with me in a recording.

Amy Parmiter (Nottingham)

Nicola is amazing! From gong baths to women’s circles, her healing knows no bounds. If you’ve never tried a gong bath then you should… Nicola really knows her stuff, she creates incredible sounds with her instruments.

Elizabeth Clark (Nottingham)

I was delighted to discover a practising Sound Therapist in Nottingham. I booked with Nicola a chakra balance appointment which helped me have a better night’s sleep and feel more centred. Today I went back with a friend for a gong bath which was a truly unique experience, the vibrations of the gong were very grounding and all-encompassing. Nicola immediately puts you at ease and makes you comfortable before starting the session, Thank you Nicola!

Jenni Bickerdyke (Macclesfield)

Nicola is a natural sound therapist; her use of the instruments is both skilful and intuitive. She has a very calm and grounding energy which makes for both an enjoyable and very therapeutic experience. Thank you!

Leona Boulton (Mansfield)

A very enjoyable and uplifting experience.

Leah Gibson (Ashfield, Nottinghamshire)

I wasn’t sure if I would benefit from Sound Therapy but I loved every second and recommend it to friends and family.

Trefor Walters (Ashfield, Nottinghamshire)

Regardless of what the presenting issue is, I would whole-heartedly recommend that people try Sound Therapy. The experience is unique, yet somehow very familiar and is able to assist in cracking tough issues without long and protracted (and potentially difficult) conversations. It is easy; you don’t have to “do” anything … and very relaxing to boot.

Tamsin Bramwell (Ashfield, Nottinghamshire)

I was treated for different things during each of my four treatments and received a bowl treatment for one of those which was a new practice for me. I loved the bizarre and varying reactions I had to treatments especially the sensation of all the worry etc being sucked out the top of my head during the gong treatment. Also a sense of peace and luminosity for my womb.

Gaye Tomlinson (Heanor)

Lovely relaxing atmosphere. Nicola was very warm, understanding and encouraging and completely none judgemental. The gong section of my treatment was phenomenal. I loved the treatments I had and can see how they have benefited me, even 4 weeks later.

Craig Eddington (York)

Nicola is a lovely lady and having received her treatments I can highly recommend them.

Zoe Godfrey (Ashfield, Nottinghamshire)

I’ve had one session so far of 4 that are scheduled. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was completely amazed by the treatment Nicola gave and the resulting shift in my thinking. I had my first session on Wednesday 16th August, and since then every night I’ve had my sleep pattern start to re-arrange itself. As in – I’ve been falling asleep earlier than usual and sleeping deeper. I feel like I’ve had all that is no longer pertinent to me “shaken away”. I can’t wait for the next session and am eager to see what happens next! 😀 Thank you Nicola. Amazing… Amazing…

Linda B (Nottinghamshire)

I found my treatments relaxing, enjoyable and they left me with a positive feeling. I have had some success with treating my insomnia using the the simple techniques that Nicola has taught me and I will continue to use them.

Sandra P (Nottinghamshire)

Nicola was very professional in a warm, understanding way. She works hard during a session and you feel she wants the treatment to be good for you. I would like to wish Nicola good luck with this work. Therapy that can bypass drugs or anything invasive can only be a good thing.

W.P. (Nottinghamshire)

I have an implant in my spine that sometimes feels very tight. I found the therapy relaxed this area. I also had an overall feeling of well-being.

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