Whether you’re looking for ways to relax or want to make real changes in your life, sound therapy treatments are a powerful tool to help you reach your goals.

Sound therapy will help you address

  • physical, emotional or spiritual pain
  • stress, tension or anxiety
  • sleep problems
  • phobias, fears or addictions
  • anger, resentment or guilt
  • self-limiting behaviour or bad habits
  • spiritual disconnection
  • feeling stuck or stagnated in life
  • and much more

Talk to me about your needs and together we can design a bespoke treatment just for you.

Treatments last one hour each and cost £30

Book your treatment now or contact me to discuss your needs further.


I also offer a range of relaxation and personal development sessions:

Chakra Balance

During a tuning forks chakra balance, the forks are brought into your energy field. Each chakra is then worked on in turn, bringing them back into alignment. This gentle, relaxing session is finished by a short grounding session.

30 mins - £15 Book Now

Himalayan Bowl Massage

This is a wonderfully relaxing session and is especially good if you have tension in your back or shoulders. We’ll start with an on-the-body bowl massage and follow it with a relaxing sound bath using a selection of Himalayan bowls. It ends with a therapeutic percussion sequence.

30 minutes - £15 Book Now

Self Development Mantra

Those who regularly practice or receive the Gayatri mantra are said to be recognisable by the glow that surrounds them. Receiving this mantra is believed to aid self development, spiritual development and communication.

30 minutes - £15 Book Now

Drum Journey

A drum journey allows you to enter a trance state in which you can connect with the spiritual dimensions. The drum is played at 3-4 beats per second to induce theta brain waves, which are associated with the deepest states of shamanic consciousness.

30 mins - £15 Book Now


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