Restrictions on Treatment

Sound therapy is not suitable for everyone; please read the restrictions below.

We cannot treat you if:

  • you are in the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • you have a severe mental illness such as
    • – paranoid schizophrenia;
    • – severe bipolar disorder;
    • – psychotic breakdown;
    • – severe panic disorder;
    • – multiple personality disorder;
    • – severe depression.

A parent/guardian/carer is required to be present if the person receiving treatment

  • is a child under 18 (parent or guardian is present and in the treatment room at all times and written consent to treat from the parent or guardian will be required);
  • suffers from grand mal seizures;
  • is a vulnerable adult.

If the client has a terminal illness, written consent to treat will be required from the client. A letter from the client’s GP may also be needed.


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