Women’s Circle – The Sacred Feminine

I’m really excited to be bringing a Women’s Circle to the Earthtones studio. It’s something I’ve craved for many years and now seems like the right time to do this.

What is a Women’s Circle?

Women’s Circles take many forms and exist for many reasons, whether it be shared experiences, therapy of a kind, book clubs or something else.

Women's Circle exploring the Sacred FeminineI created this circle to bring like-minded women (with a shared purpose, although they may be diverse in every other way) together to connect with the sacred feminine. Many of us have done this on our own in our own ways, but I think there is much to be gained from a group sharing with and learning from each other.

This women’s circle welcomes women from all faiths and none, a group which is not affiliated with any particular faith, organisation or structure. A group, however, which has at its heart an exploration of earth centred sacred feminine experience. A group which nurtures its members, providing a safe space to explore the sacred.

What will happen in the Women’s Circle?

Well, essentially, that’s up to the members and it can change from session to session, but you can expect meditation and discussion each session, as well as speaking our truth. A session might also include one or more of the following things: drumming, dancing, sacred crafts, self expression, counsel sharing. It can also involve sound, since we’re in the sound studio, but this will also be up the group. There may be a sound bath one session but not the next.

We meet on the 4th Sunday of each month at 10.30am for 3 hours. The cost of each session is £15. Fresh fruit, juice and herbal tea is provided.

Ready to join us? Book your place in our Women’s Circle now. View upcoming dates for our Women’s Circle

What’s happening in our next Women’s Circle?

We next meet on Sunday 22 April and the session will focus on Shakti and Kundalini Power through a short inspirational reading, a womb room meditation, Shakti mantra and creating sacred artwork. Book your place in our Women’s Circle

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