Birth Your Own Shamanic Drum

Do you love shamanic drums? Have you dreamed of owning one that’s really special to you? Birthing your own drum could be just the thing for you. Whilst it’s possible to buy a really nice drum, well made and with a spirit that calls to you, nothing beats making your own. Nothing. It’s a whole different level of special and I recommend drum making for anyone who loves to play shamanic (frame) drums.

water buffalo drum made at an Earthtones drum making workshop

We begin this two day workshop by making the head of the shamanic rattle, leaving it to dry whilst we get on with making the drum itself.

Making your drum is an experience you’ll never forget. Your relationship with it builds from the moment you give thanks for the materials and as you coax it into being, you connect to the spirit of the animal. You marvel at how such a small piece of hide can possibly cover the frame. You are surprised at how long it takes to lace. Finally, you have a shamanic drum whose skin has been stretched and moulded around its frame, whose lacing you have pulled until you think it must snap if you pull any more (before you pull and pull again), whose handle you have wrapped, and which has a great deal of your spirit mixed with that of the animal whose skin you have used.

creating lacing holes in the drum skin

Our second day begins with making the beater, before turning our attention to the rattles again. You’ll finish the head, prepare the handle and decide on decorations before assembling it. With drums, beaters and rattles finished, it’s time to birth the drums.

lacing the drum skin

We’ll bless the drums with the elements of earth, air, fire and water and then together, we’ll play the drums to life in a shamanic drum journey – a truly special event!

For this workshop, you have the choice of making a 12″ or 16″ drum (12″ drums are lighter and have a brighter sound; 16″ drums are heavier to hold but have a delicious, deep voice) and a choice of deer, cow or water buffalo hide.

deerskin drum made at an earthtones workshop

The prices for this workshop are as follows:

  • 12″ deer hide drum (with shamanic hide rattle and beater): £185
  • 12″ water buffalo hide drum (with shamanic hide rattle and beater): £195
  • 16″ water buffalo hide drum (with shamanic hide rattle and beater): £225
  • 16″ cow hide drum (with shamanic hide rattle and beater): £235

A non-refundable deposit of £100 is required to book your place, with the balance being due 2 weeks before the workshop.

Book your place here.

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