One-to-One Treatments

One-to-one treatments is where sound therapy excels. If you want to work on a particular issue, then one-to-one treatment is what you need. Sound therapy is useful for all kinds of issues, including physical pain, emotional pain, phobias, insomnia, chronic illness and more.

When working on-to-one, I tailor my treatments to the exact needs of my client. Rather than a formulaic treatment, you receive treatments designed especially for you – from the choice of instruments used, to how they are played.

I use a variety of instruments in your treatments. These include Chinese gongs (pictured below), Himalayan singing bowls, shamanic drums, chakra tuning forks, mantra and therapeutic percussion. Your treatment may include a combination of these instruments or just one, depending on your needs.

You’ll also get access to my online vault of resources which is exclusively available to my one-to-one clients. It contains video and audio resources, meditations and other tools to help you continue to progress between sessions.

one-to-one treatments are tailored to your needs

The instruments work on the root of the issue, rather than the surface symptoms and you can choose to work on an issue that is recent or something that has been troubling you for years. Sound therapy can work on almost any issue; click below for information on how I work with specific issues. Talk to me if you would like treatments for something not listed; I can usually help!

one-to-one treatments for fibromyalgia one-to-one treatments for emotional pain one-to-one treatments for insomnia one-to-one treatment for phobias one-to-one sound therapy for any issue

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss how sound therapy could help you, please do contact me; I’m happy to talk through the options and advise on whether sound therapy is right for you.

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