Sound Therapy for Any Issue

If want to make real changes in your life, sound therapy is a powerful tool to help you reach your goals. A package of sound therapy appointments will help you address:

sound therapy appointments

  • physical, emotional or spiritual pain
  • stress, tension or anxiety
  • sleep problems
  • phobias, fears or addictions
  • anger, resentment or guilt
  • self-limiting behaviour or bad habits
  • spiritual disconnection
  • feeling stuck or stagnated in life
  • and much more

The instruments used in your treatment will depend on what you’d like to work on, and the effect this issue is having on you.  We’ll agree your treatment design together and I’ll make sure you’re comfortable with your treatment at each stage. Treatments can include one or more of the following instruments:

  • gongs
  • Himalayan singing bowls
  • Chakra tuning forks
  • shamanic drums
  • mantra
  • therapeutic percussion

A treatment package is an ideal way to address long standing issues including emotional pain and trauma. Talk to me about your needs and together we can design a bespoke package just for you.

included in a treatment packageYour package includes:

  • an initial 2 hour appointment, during which we’ll explore the issues you want to address, through conversation and visualisation. You’ll receive a 45 minute sound therapy, tailored to your exact needs;
  • three x 1 hour appointments, each including 45 minutes of sound therapy;
  • an essential oil blend made especially for you;
  • a beautiful handmade paper notebook for journaling;
  • other tools and exercises to use at home between appointments.

Packages cost £165.

Book your first appointment now or contact me to discuss your needs further.

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