Your Phobia and Sound Therapy

Do you have a phobia? Does it make life difficult for you? Would you like to get rid of it?

A phobia can be life altering, or at the very least, make life harder than it needs to be. There are lots of ways of dealing with a phobia, but I wonder if you’ve ever considered sound therapy as a resolution?


In a sound therapy phobia treatment, I use tuning forks to make changes to your energy field. This is not as painful as it sounds! The tuning forks never touch you, but are rung close to your body. You’ll need to visualise your phobia or try to get into the emotion you feel when confronted with it. I know this is difficult – I’ve undergone this treatment myself – but in my experience, it’s worth it. With that emotion “uploaded” into your system, the tuning forks get to work on what’s really going on and help you overcome your fears.

Let’s be real here – this isn’t magic, and it’s not an instant cure, but over several sessions we can make a real difference to how your fears affect you. You’ll never be confronted with the source of your fear or phobia in a session, and the treatment is completely safe. At any time, if it becomes too much, we’ll stop.

To get to grips with a phobia you’ll need several sessions, which are available as an all-inclusive package.

phobia packageThe package includes

  • an initial appointment of 2 hours in which we discuss your phobia, how it affects you, when it began etc. You’ll receive 45 minutes of sound therapy during this appointment;
  • three further appointments of an hour each. You’ll receive 45 minutes of sound therapy in each of these;
  • an essential oil blend made especially for you, to address the emotional aspects of your phobia
  • a handmade journal to keep a diary of your emotions and journey during your month of treatment;
  • inter-session tasks to help your progress between treatments. You’ll be given any tools you might need to accomplish this, including a mala and access to my vault of videos, audio files and meditations reserved exclusively for clients.

This all-inclusive package costs £165 and you can book your first appointment here. If you’d like to discuss things with me first, or have questions, please do feel free to contact me.

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